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KHR OC - Maeda Naoko by LibraK KHR OC - Maeda Naoko by LibraK

This is a redesign of my old KHR OC, Kaira Mamoru…. I am extremely pleased with how far I have come and am fully ready to embrace Naoko. I hope you guys will find yourselves liking her as well. :)

General Information:
Name: Naoko (First) Maeda (Last)
Shorthand/Number: N
Gender: Female

• 14 (Beginning)

• 15 (Present)

• 25 (TYL)
Birthday: December 13
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Seiyuu: Kana Hanazawa

Clothing style: Anything she deems comfortable, easy to wear and simple colors. She isn’t too big on formal attire, but will wear it when necessary. She also doesn't care for accessories because they're too "bothersome to put on".

Family: Ally of the Vongola Family
Flame: Sun
Ethnicity: Japanese
Language/s/: Japanese

Father: Kisho Maeda (Age 36)
Mother: Aki Maeda (Age 35)
(Their Profile:…)

Background and Daily Life:

Up until getting involved with Tsuna and the Vongola, she lived a slightly less than average life. With the exception of her mother’s memory loss, which strengthened her family rather than destroyed it. She is very close to both her mother and father, but wishes her father wouldn’t go away on his “business trips” to Italy as often as he does. (Kisho is holding off on telling her the complete truth of his connections to the Mafia until the proper time comes. So he hasn’t technically lied since he did promise to her that he would tell her /exactly/ what his job connections are.)
Honesty was taught to be a rather big deal to her, so lying is out of the question in most circumstances. Thanks to her mother, she was put in self defense and Karate classes so that she has some experience with defense and fighting. She gets average grades and tends to be somewhat outgoing with school activities and participation. While her mother has sheltered her when she was younger, that only fueled her inclinations to be adventurous and wanting to learn. She also values freedom and being able to think for herself, but adheres to rules none the less.

She lives in a decent sized home.

She buys “How To” and cookbooks for her mom and will sometimes read them herself since she isn’t too great at things like cooking.

She becomes involved with the Vongola when she gradually becomes a friend to Tsuna, just a little after Reborn came to Japan. She was never in his class before, but always heard rumors about him being “No-Good”. She didn’t believe them simply because she did not know the boy personally and after seeing him go against Mochida, she didn’t understand where the rumors even came from. (But she did question how the sudden personality change during the fight happened.) Since she did not have many close friends at the time and made it a goal to befriend others, she approached him and asked if they could have lunch someday. (Not in a romantic sense) She was also highly curious about him after witnessing him play in the volleyball game, once again questioning where his strange abilities came from. (Being able to suddenly jump so high - thanks to Reborn.)

She is eventually requests to become an ally for Tsuna’s team, directly asking Reborn. Not wanting to be left behind or out of the loop from her friends, she makes this choice and accepts the risks that will come along with it.

To summarize, she is a highly honest, loyal, and a trustworthy person over-all. She is encouraging of others and reminds them to be realistic when she finds them struggling with a situation. She is confident and comfortable with who she is and prefers to keep true to her values and beliefs as much as possible. While she herself may be trustworthy, she has difficulty trusting others she does not know well, so she isn't gullible. Her honesty can be a positive thing, but at times negative as well because she can be blunt. Otherwise, she does her best to remain open-minded to other's ideas and criticism.


• Extremely loyal and devoted to her family and friends (but not in the same way that Gokudera is.)

• Doesn’t like to waste time; she believes that time is valuable and too easy to waste.

• Cheerful

• Realistic optimist (or would positive realist work better?)

• Logical and observing

• Protective

• Open-minded to criticism and takes all the help she can get to improve her fighting style and or behavior

• Honest


• Perfectionist

• Blunt Honesty (In this case, her extreme blunt honesty can sometimes be a little harsh, even though the truth does hurt sometimes. However, it isn’t necessary in certain situations)

• Can’t adapt well to an extreme change (Examples: In the future, when Tsuna dies.)

• Skeptical of people she does not know well. Unless she gets to know a person for who they really are, she’s not that overly trusting. (This is why she didn’t make strong connections with people in her younger years.)

• Sometimes goes overboard in her battles, or pushes herself more than necessary

• Can be passive/aggressive and tends to hold grudges over certain people (she gradually grows out of this habit as she grows older)


• Nature

• Getting to know others and understanding them.

• Quiet places

• Training and honing her skills and working hard to achieve her set goals

• Spending as much time as she can with her mother

• Learning, adventuring

• Freedom


• Arrogance

• Untrustworthy people

• Liars and lying

• Depending on others for help unless she really needs to

• Hurt friends and family

Weapons and Abilities:

• Gauntlets and emeici (

While Sun users typically only use their own body as their weapons, Naoko prefers to use her martial skills along with her emeici for what she considers to be optimal results in battle. Almost like a security blanket in case her body fails. TYL-verse Naoko has more confidence in her abilities and uses these weapons less.

Box Weapon: TBA
Box Animal: Sun Hummingbird
Fighting Style: Martial Arts (Karate)/Close Combat
Abilities: TBA

(In regards to her actual box weapon and abilities, I have ideas. But I do not want to reveal them at this moment in time. (Hence, ‘to be announced’. Kind of like how this information of the other characters wasn’t given to us all at once. The emeici are the first and the basic weapons, much like how Gokudera’s bombs, Yamamoto’s sword or even Hibari’s tonfas were pretty basic and first introduced to us.

I also want more time to develop these ideas and just focus more on the ‘Daily Life’ arc stuff first before swinging into how I’m incorporating my OC into the more plot driven arcs. However, I am strongly leaning towards making her become more knowledgeable about medicine and healing as she grows.)


Tsuna: She has known that there was a boy named Tsuna since they were in elementary school, but she never talked to him due to not being in the same classes as him. She became his friend around the time when Reborn became Tsuna’s tutor when she asked to eat lunch with him after seeing him go against Mochida. Due to her level-headed and composed nature, Tsuna likes spending time around her and talking. Naoko in return likes Tsuna's kindness and accepts most of his faults. She tries to give him advice and help him as much as she can without being suffocating. Except for the times when she feels he needs a bit of a push to do certain things, she is highly supportive of Tsuna and values their friendship very much. She feels that despite not knowing him for a long time, she can open up to him and talk to him as if they had been friends since childhood.

Gokudera: They bicker and disagree, but eventually get along. He isn’t too happy with her getting so close to Tsuna, like with everyone else of course, but sort of learns to get used to her presence the more their relationship develops. She was just a useless woman in his eyes who didn’t know her place when they first met. And he definitely doesn’t like how she from time to time points out how “obnoxious” he acts around Tsuna. But she admires his devotion to being a Right-Hand man and comes to respect him later on (as in when they're older) for that. She enjoys sparing with him in the future.

Yamamoto: He is seen as an older brother to her. While his obliviousness and seemingly blind optimism can slightly get on her nerves, she wouldn’t want him to change. She sees his calmness and uplifting spirit as a very positive thing and just enjoys her time around him. She gets along much better with him than Gokudera since they don’t argue, but he does make her see viewpoints she initially didn’t think of. They make excellent partners in battle.

Ryohei: While they don’t interact too much in the very beginning, she gets along just fine with him and has gone jogging with him in the morning. Due to her martial arts skills, he has tried at least once to convince her to join the boxing team, but she politely declined.

Hibari: She has made it a point to remain on Hibari’s good side the moment she saw how ruthless and merciless he is. She didn’t appreciate how he basically threw Gokudera and Yamamoto out of a window and did not initially like him. But she knew it was better to follow the school rules and not question his authority. While she isn’t one to assume, she only thought of him as cold and somewhat inhuman. However, one day she accidentally stumbled upon him sleeping on the roof. She saw his sleeping face for a few moments before leaving, not believing what she saw. She repeats this one more time to confirm it. From there on, and after overhearing from Reborn that he would make a good ally, she was determined to understand how this walking enigma works. She quickly learns that he is more of a loner and prefers solitude, to which she respects. Yet, her attempts to get a little closer to him aren’t always unsuccessful. It takes some time, but Hibari doesn’t mind her wanting to be around him since she is quiet for the most part, and she isn't glued to his side all the time. There will be a few moments, but their relationship really doesn't develop into something more solid until TYL-verse. Hibari is Naoko's crush in the present time.

Mukuro: She is extremely wary of Mukuro. She doesn’t know what to consider him as; friend, ally, or enemy. He couldn’t care less about her; she’s just another one of Tsuna’s guardians who doesn’t spark a remarkable interest. Naoko still is trying to figure him out, but it rather untrusting of him due to the Kokuyo incident.

Chrome: She, along with the others, first met Chrome at the Mist ring battle, and was initially suspicious of her due to her resemblance she shares with Mukuro. But she trusted Tsuna’s intuition. She didn’t get many chances after the battle to speak to Chrome, but went with her to the hospital since she felt bad that Ken and Chikusa ditched her. They get to know each other and develop a bond of friendship in the future.

Lambo: Irritating child, at first. She didn’t hate Lambo but she didn’t like how spoiled and childish he acted. (Even though she realizes he /is/ just a child, his whining pushed her away) But after he was hospitalized, she went to see him as often as she could and realized that he could have died at such a young age in the Ring battle. Gradually, she becomes more accepting and used to his childish behavior. She’ll even mommy him eventually.

Kyoko and Haru: She loves them as friends. She finds both of them to be very kind, fun to hang out with and encouraging. She adores Haru’s quirkiness and admiration for Tsuna and finds her to be all-around to be refreshing friend. She appreciates Kyoko’s gentleness and kindness. She wishes her brother wouldn’t make up ridiculous lies to her but understands why he does. All in all, she’s glad that these two became her friends.

Bianchi: She will not be taking cooking lessons from her anytime soon, but admires her all the same. Naoko tends to go to her for romantic advice and sometimes beauty tips. If there was someone she would like as an older sister, it would be Bianchi. She also feels sad that the bond between her and Gokudera is damaged.

I-Pin: She finds her to be one of the most adorable children ever. She finds her crush on Hibari to be one of the sweetest things too. She is also very impressed with I-Pin's skills for someone younger than her and likes to help her with her Japanese.

Reborn: Sometimes, when she is alone and thinking about things, she is almost brought to tears of gratitude for this Hitman. If it weren’t for Reborn, she may have never talked to Tsuna or became friends with the others. She is initially confused by him, due to being a baby wearing a suit and wielding weapons, but ultimately respects him. In fact, he is one of the people she respects the most and appreciates his honesty. She couldn’t thank him enough.

Dino: She finds it rather sweet how he acts brotherly towards Tsuna and how devoted to his family he is. She also thinks that he is an excellent teacher for Hibari. She is never not amused to see how he can go from being clumsy one second to serious and skillful when his men are around. She considers him as very reliable and trustworthy.

The Varia: She respects their strength and abilities, but isn’t so fond of them as people due to how they treated her friends during the Ring Battle. during the TYL arc, she is still somewhat untrusting of them, but recognizes that working with them is important above all else.

Naoko Maeda and her parents belong to Me. Please don't be a poo and steal
Katekyo Hitman Reborn (c) Akira Amano
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brownie-pie Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013
She's really pretty! This is a good drawing!
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Zweeni Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love her -- especially how you've drawn her! HOW ARE YOU ABLE TO DRAW HER FACE KHR STYLE?! I fail at it! And if I wasn't mistaken, her Flame was first Snow... or Ice or something? I don't particularly have an opinion on made-up Flames, but I think Sun suits her so much more. She seems like the 'Sun' Flame sort of person.

And I've noticed Hibari has a connection with Sun Flame users :iconohohoplz:

I also like her relationships with the other character. They're believable and realistic and pretty much in-character. Also, her relationship with them is not cliche, as I find it most other OCs.

So yeah. REALLY like Naoko -- hope to see a lot more of her in the future!
LibraK Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First of all, thank you so much! You have no idea how excited I got when I saw your comment in my messages this morning! :love:
Ah, kind of getting the style was a bit tough since its not mine, but I kept looking at the other characters for a reference. XD And yes, I had her flame initially set to Snow, and was really excited to develop it and hopefully make it work! But this blog [link] basically convinced me that snow flames were a no-go and there was no need for them! So I'm glad you think Sun fits her! C:

:iconhurrplz: Hehe, you caught that one, huh?

And ah, I'm so glad you think so! I was a little worried about the relationships part when I was writing them, but its so reassuring to know that you think that! :)
And awww, I can't wait to draw more of her then! thank you so much again! :hug: You have totally motivated me!
Zweeni Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, I'm glad my comment made you happy ^__^ I'm exactly the same, I get really excited seeing comments in my inbox too :D

I agree, KHR style can be really difficult. I remember having so much trouble with it when I first started out! And there aren't even that many female characters to use as reference. Amano is a miracle worker... but then again, she created the style ^^;

Totally caught that one! :la:

I find relationships the most difficult to pull off, because when I was working on my OC, it was easy to list out her strengths and weaknesses and her history, but when it came to her relationships, I actually had to sit down and evaluate her character and how she'd interact with the canon characters and how they'd respond. It was exhausting! So I can totally appreciate when someone's done it well -- which I think you definitely have ^__^

Yay! I can't wait to see more!
aqua-violet97 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
She's really pretty and an interesting character :)
LibraK Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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aqua-violet97 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
libraxbunny Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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LibraK Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow, thank you so much! <: D I'm so glad that you think all of that, really! And I know you'll improve! Just make sure you keep drawing and practicing- thats how you'll improve, I promise. :)
tsandere Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
She's awesome. I really like her design and the thought you've put into creating her, good job!
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Oh my goodness, I am so happy that you think so! I was a little worried about her at first, but your comment has completely reassured me. C: Thank you so much! :hug:
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