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Shingeki no Kyojin OC - Charlotte Adler by LibraK Shingeki no Kyojin OC - Charlotte Adler by LibraK

(03/14/13)EDIT: Expanded on Charlotte’s character a bit/tweaked certain details. The template has also changed a bit as well.

Charlotte is finally done! Man, I was being so precise with every little detail- both on her written profile and this drawing! But all the hard work really payed off. I'm quite proud of my newest baby. ;n; I hope others will like her too. uwu




Name: Charlotte Adler (Shar-let, Ad-lur)

Gender: Female

Birthdate: Year 825, December 29

Zodiac: Capricorn

Age: 25

Height: 154 cm (5’1”)

Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian 

Occupation: Soldier

Home: Trost District

Current Location: Stationed with Hange

Former Affiliation: Trainee Squad (102nd Trainee Squad)

Current Affiliation: Scouting Legion

Grad Rank: 9th

Species: Human

Status: Alive


Race: White

Ethnicity: French

Eye color: Green/Teal

Hair color: Light brown

Build: Somewhat muscular and slim.

Preferred clothing: Plain clothing off duty and the standard SL wear while on duty. Except when she needs to wash it, Charlotte mostly wears her uniform, her black top, pants and boots at the least.

When she needs to dress more “casually”, her preferred choice is usually dark pants, boots and a dark grey, tank-top.

Scars: She has quite a few scars along her arms in various shapes and lengths. She’s not ashamed of them though.


She is a more careful, serious and down-to earth type of person. She is extremely loyal to the people closest to her as well as her comrades. She is devoted and faithful to her duty as a soldier and wants to protect the innocent and be a part of the cause that wants to give a better life for others. While their world can be horribly cruel, she wants to be the kind of person who can shed light in the darkest of situations for others, making sure to keep things realistic as well. She fights for the people, herself and freedom.

Charlotte is inquisitive, eager to learn new things, practical, and a realist and faithful to her values. She was initially more trusting and accepting of others, but this changed over time from being in the Scouting Legion and with the introduction of titan shifters. As a result, the people who are closest to her receive her full trust. She isn’t impulsive and stays calm in most situations. Additionally, she is alert and focused. Because of her upbringing, Charlotte is also pretty confident and already had some training and education before she joined the military trainee squad.

Facial Expressions: Charlotte is fully capable of any human expression. It’s just a matter of who does and doesn’t see her expressions. For the most part, she remains stoic/poker faced. Not because she’s trying to- it’s just her neutral look. In battle, she looks very focused, determined, and at times angry. Around those who are close, she let’s her guard down as well as her poker-face.


Charlotte’s voice is what one could call “modulated” in that it is controlled and clear. She isn’t too quiet and not too loud. 


She grew up in a loving and supporting home with her single, adoptive father, Kurt Adler. He encouraged her to be herself and always aim for the goals she would later set for herself. He was the one who becomes one of her main influences to join the military. At age 15, she decided to enlist in the military, which Kurt initially had mixed feelings over. But he didn’t hinder her from doing so. She graduated at age 18 and joined the Scouting Legion. Two years later, Wall Maria is breached and Charlotte is still new to the

She was enlisted as a soldier under Hange Zoe’s squad. Currently she still is.

Reason: Charlotte chose to join the military of her own free will. Before she enlisted for military training at age 15, she considered each branch of the military in depth. She decided the Scouting Legion was most suitable for her. With the Military Police, she would be safer from death but also more caged up and run into the risk of corruption. In the Stationary Guard, she felt she would only be at one place for the rest of her life and that place would never venture outside the walls. Even if death was more prominent in the Scouting Legion, the freedom and possibility of discovery outweighed the negatives for her. And she wanted to be a part of the group that could make a difference in their world. As far as how she views titans, she has questioned why they do what they do. She definitely feels a certain level of hatred towards them. However, she still continues to wonder if there is a justifiable reason as to why they attack humans.


  • Live long enough to see humanity regain control and not have to be kept behind walls

  • Reach captain rank and train her own squad


  • Maintaining humbleness, sincerity, and integrity

  • She’s realistic but also tries to stay positive for her sake and others

  • Quick at assessing her given situation and then choosing the best course of action

  • Confident of her capabilities in and during battle.

  • She’s very good at maintaining her composure and remaining calm. The small drawback is that because of this, Charlotte’s default expression is usually stoic which makes people question her happiness. She doesn’t mind because she knows this is just an assumption and that if someone takes the time to get close to her, they’ll find a person that can smile

  • She highly values her morals and beliefs. One of the biggest ones being to cherish each day she and those closest to her are still alive

  • Decisiveness. After considering the facts, once she makes a decision, Charlotte remains firm. Many situations won’t allow for indecisiveness

  • Obedient of her superiors

  • Loyalty and faithfulness to her comrades and close friends

  • [Size] Because she’s short and small, she can maneuver with her gear faster and evade quicker. It helps her be more agile and she definitely uses this to her advantage


  • She can become easily paranoid and skeptical of others, therefore only trusting a select few people. Its understandable, given her society, but it has prevented her from forming more bonds that she could stand to make

  • [Size] Due to being somewhat small, she does experience some amount strain from using the 3DMG, especially for longer periods of time. On the same note, some people don’t peg her as intimidating because of her size which is one thing that can get her angry. And because her limbs are shorter, she has to get closer to her opponent when in battle/sparing. This can be both good and bad so she has to work to improve so that its in her favor more often than not.

  • Despite wanting to keep to herself, she can be nosey of what others are doing and wants to always be kept updated on what’s going on around her [due to her habit of being paranoid of those she doesn’t trust or respect] As such, she s more nosey of people who she doesn’t trust or respect

  • She’s hard-working to a fault- at times works herself to exhaustion or is so focused on her task that she forgets to take care of herself. It’s a bad habit that she tries to ease up on. The flaw is not always recognizing when she needs to give her body a break


  • Sparring and training with her comrades

  • Her comrades. When it says that Charlotte isn’t trusting of others, it is mostly referring to strangers and soldiers from other legions. Her comrades however do have her trust unless they give her a reason not to trust them. They are the ones who will need to rely on her and vice versa in the heated moments of an expedition. When they need someone to give advice and reassurance. She knows that the SL in particular would only fall apart without trust between its soldiers

  • Meeting new faces. Charlotte has a near photographic memory when it comes to faces. She keeps a small notebook where she records the names of new people she meets and needs only to look at the name to remember what the face looks like. This has caused some more humorous moments where people aren’t sure how to react to her sharp stare she gives to newcomers and then goes to record the newly known name. as a result, she sometimes comes across as “creepy”

  • Spending time with those who are closest to her

  • Learning new information about titans

  • Motivating her comrades when they’re at their lowest low

  • Birds of all kinds

  • The evening and nighttime because titans are less active and because she thinks the endless skies look prettier during this time


  • Sacrificing the lives of her comrades. She truly values human life so it upsets her when people’s lives are thrown away. However, she still realizes that when you’re in the Scouting Legion, sacrifice can be inevitable

  • Feeling caged in any situation. She wants to be like the birds who can move about so freely whenever they so choose. More so, the trapped feeling only makes her feel

suffocated to the point where she’ll resort to any means to get out of the undesirable situation

  • Bertholdt Fubar and Reiner Braun. Upon learning their true identities, she becomes enraged and doesn’t care to hear their reasoning for doing what they did.

  • Drunks. They remind her of her deceased mother and her fear. She also cannot stand soldiers who leisurely drink while on duty


  • Being [completely] forgotten by those who are closest to her (provided they are alive themselves)

  • Freedom. In this world, who doesn’t?

  • Fatally mistakes in battle. She knows you need to make mistakes to improve, but ones that costs the lives of others are not entirely worth the lesson to her. It can also be said that she fears dealing with a guilty conscience so the more selfish side of her does not want to be responsible for the death of a comrade. [Just about everyone has some form of a family] As a result, this fear pushes her to maintain a sharp mind and strength, even in seemingly hopeless situations

  • Losing herself and her values to corruption

  • Titans. But not to the point where she won’t fight. Its a general fear almost every soldier and civilian has. She is wary of titan shifters because she feels they are too unpredictable. She becomes paranoid that there are more people like Eren and that those people might also be in the military. (Paranoia later confirmed)

  • The human race being wiped out by the titans

  • Becoming an alcoholic. While the SL is strict on drinking, Charlotte does fear ending up like her mother. Despite this, she does in fact enjoy a drink when appropriate, but not to the point of getting shit-faced drunk. Alternatively, she is also fearful of becoming depressed and therefore resort to drinking or completely lose her resolve.  

  • Losing either her sense of sight or hearing. Especially her sight

  • Pregnancy. Of course, her pregnancy. It isn’t that Charlotte dislikes children. She just can’t fathom bringing a child into the world she lives in. It would also mean she wouldn’t be able to continue her duties as a soldier.

Quirks and Habits

  • Starts fidgeting when in deep thought

  • Carries her notebook with her pretty much at all times


Charlotte has a standard education for the world she lives in. With more discoveries being made, her knowledge grows as well. In terms of her abilities out on the field, she is proficient with using her 3DMG and is quite agile. Her reach is limited in hand-to-hand combat, but she has enough strength to hold her own in a fight.

  • She has experience with first aid

  • Kurt helped her learning grow through the books he owned and taught her the basics of how to fight. The closest she has to a “formal” education is the one she received during military training

  • In battle, she is efficient in killing titans and maneuvering her gear well


Intelligence - 7/10

Social Skill - 5/10

Weight - 2/10

Height - 2/10

Vitality - 8/10

Battle Skill - 8/10

Memory- 9/10

Solo Kills - 8

Group Kills – 17

(25 in total so far)


Edmund Martel (Father) Elisabeth Martel (Mother) Kurt Adler (Adoptive Father)

Edmund Martel

Species: Human

Status: Alive (50 years of age). Currently living within Wall Rose Formerly lived in Shigashina.

Back story: A more introverted man who cares deeply for the well-being of his family. He makes the decision to request Kurt to adopt Charlotte in order to have her raised in a better environment. He works as a farmer but recently had to invest more of his time looking after his wife and attempting to control her liquor intake. He is devastated when he finds her comatose one night and slinks into a slight depression when Elisabeth dies. But he doesn’t allow his sadness to control his life, not completely. He wishes to be able to meet Charlotte one day.

Elisabeth Martel

Species: Human

Status: Deceased (Died at 48)

Cause of death: Excessive alcohol consumption

Back story: A seamstress who was more cheerful and optimistic when she was a child. This gradually changed over time when she became more aware of the world she was born into. She also developed a strong fear of titans, almost constantly worrying about them finding a way to breach the walls. Shortly after giving birth to Charlotte, who she hadn’t formally planned to have, Elisabeth lost her job. A combination of losing her job, extreme insecurity of herself, and the repressed fear of the titans led her to begin drinking heavily. She became violent and unstable, resulting in Edmund having Kurt adopt Charlotte when she was only a few months old.

The Martels originally lived within Wall Maria, Shigashina district.

Kurt Adler

Status: Alive. Relocated to a district within Wall Sina as a result of the invasion of Trost.

Age: 49

Species: Human

Personality: An easy going man who has comes from a family of Heretics. But he keeps his beliefs about the outside world and wanting to venture out there to himself to avoid other from looking down on him. As a result of the world he lives in, he appreciates each day of life and relies on logic to solve his problems or worries. He is thoroughly independent, but approachable and friendly.

History: He was raised with the knowledge of blacksmithing and wielding swords. Despite being a decent fighter and well-versed in handling weaponry, he never intended to join the military. He currently works as a well-respected blacksmith within Trost. (He fixes damaged 3DMG, crafts the blades, etc.)

Edmund Martel had been a close friend of Kurt since their childhood. At age 24, he agrees to adopt Charlotte and raise her due to Elisabeth’s unstable condition. Due to growing up with only his mother and two younger sisters, as his father died serving in the Scouting Legion, he has some experience raising children. His uncle, who would frequently visit, taught him how to fight, craft objects out of ore, and use swords when he was younger.

Kurt raised Charlotte with all the attention and love he could give her. He inspired her to shape her own role within their world. He often discussed his many philosophies and ideas with her as she grew up, but never forced her to believe what he believed. He wanted her to grow up trusting in her and creating her own beliefs and values for herself. He also teaches Charlotte how to fight, giving her the option to look into joining the military if she wished to. But he always let her decide what she wanted to do.

Kurt lived within Wall Rose, Trost district before relocating to a district within Wall Sina.

Extra: Charlotte’s biological parents were of French origin, but her adoptive father is German.


Edmund Martel: She has not yet been able to meet him. She knows he is alive and would very much like to see him one day. When she was younger, Charlotte had mixed feelings towards her real father, but understood why he did what he did when she grew older.

Elisabeth Martel: She never got a chance to know her mother. She was however saddened to learn that she died and regrets not being able to meet her.

Kurt Adler: She loves him and regards him as her most prominent role model. In her moments of self-doubt, she thinks about all he has done for her. This encourages her to push forward and train even harder.

Hange Zoe: Charlotte is utterly intrigued with how intellectual her squad leader is. She has no problems listening to Hange chat away about titans and the experiments she has conducted because it gives her a chance to learn. After Kurt, she is Charlotte’s other role model due to her passionate nature and strength in battle. Hange is also one of the few people Charlotte has felt entirely comfortable around to the point where she often shares a drink and opens up to her about how she’s feeling. Hange has her complete trust. Charlotte also wants to be a person who Hange can go to when she’s under stress and needs to talk.

Levi: He has her full respect and admiration. While he was hard for her to approach initially, she witnessed his strength in battle as well as his gentler and caring moments, especially when a comrade was dying. She has requested to train with him in the past before, in hopes of learning new tactics and getting to understand him as a person better. They spar when there is free time to do so. She isn’t fully comfortable with him as she is with Hange, but Levi also has her complete trust.

Erwin Smith: She respects him. However, she doesn’t fully agree with his willingness to go through with strategies  that may cost the lives of many soldiers. But she doesn’t dislike him. she understands the concept that sometimes, sacrifices are needed to be made in order to accomplish a greater task. Charlotte just hasn’t accepted that human lives sometimes need to be those sacrifices, despite knowing the kind of world she lives in. She knows that he must feel a certain level of grief as a result of the position he is in charge of. All that being said, she will follow his orders and only question his intentions after the fact.

Petra Ral: Charlotte greatly admires her for her bravery and strength in battle and also for how kind and caring she is. The two become close fairly quickly. Petra was one of the first friends Charlotte made during her time in the military and was devastated to find out she died. However, it strengthened her resolve to continue her role in the Scouting Legion. Charlotte may or may not have had more romantic feelings for Petra.

Eren Jeager: While she is still slightly wary of this boy, she can’t help but admire his tenacious fighting spirit. She does not view him as a monster or an experiment specimen and pities him to a certain degree. But she doesn’t look down on him or underestimate his capability. She does wish he wouldn’t be so impulsive with his choices, but she is starting to see him make progress in this area. So far, he is the only titan shifter who she feels can be trusted, despite her initial wariness.

Annie Leonhardt: The only thing Charlotte knows about this girl is that she was the titan shifter who killed Petra and many more of her comrades. However she can’t bring herself to completely hate her for what she did because she wants to at least hear her side of the story before making a complete judgment.

Love Interest: Undetermined. Charlotte doesn't exactly have time for love nor consider it a priority currently. But that doesn't mean wouldn't allow herself feel these emotions if they develop naturally. (See Petra)


  • She named her current horse Ace do his speed and dark coat

  • She has a photographic memory

  • Another reason as to why she’s slightly hesitant about getting close to others is due to her fear that either she or they will die. But she also recognizes the importance of living each day to its fullest and creating bonds while she still can

  • She has a good handle of keeping her emotions in check but knows that its not healthy to bottle up negative feelings. As such, she can keep herself composed but will show “emotional weakness” when appropriate

  • Has a habit of cracking her knuckles, wrists and neck. This freaks out certain people for reasons she doesn’t quite understand. [“I’m just cracking my joints to relieve stiffness. Is it the sound?”]

  • She’s an early riser and a light sleeper

  • She has small daggers concealed on her person, just in case

  • She tends to refer to her 3DMG as her “wings” [Which she keeps to herself]

That should do it for now. I'm definitely going to edit and add things here and there as the story goes on though. uwu

Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan (C) Hajime Isayama

Charlotte Adler (C) LibraK/Teupin
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